Warsaw NMR Seminars

The idea of the seminar is to connect the active NMR groups from Warsaw. The seminars are held in a hybrid format, allowing to participate in person and online. If you want to join us and contribute, please send an email to murbanczyk@ichf.edu.pl.

List of seminars:

  • Vol.15 Franz Westermair “NMR-Spectroscopy in liquid ammonia: A Story of Pain and Success” (21.06.2023)
  • Vol.14 Gabriela Szczupaj “Structural studies of modified opioid peptides” (07.06.2023)
  • Vol.13. Przemysław Sobolewski “Radical acceleration of CEST experiment by simultaneously changing the evolution time t1 of indirectly detected dimension and saturation rate” (24.05.2023)
  • Vol.12. Diana Gągała “Advanced methods of amino-acid types recognition for resonance assignment of IDPs.” (10.05.2023)
  • Vol.11. Michał Górka “Trotterized optimal control for NMR pulse design” (19.04.2023)
  • Vol.10. Grzegorz Szczepaniak “Making atom transfer radical polymerization more practical – oxygen tolerance” (5.04.2023)
  • Vol.9. Ewa Nawrocka “Different faces of mixtures “through the eyes” of NMR spectroscopy (22.03.2023)
  • Vol.7. Piotr Garbacz “NMR resonant circuits based on transmission lines” (09.02.2023)
  • Vol.6. Mariusz Pietrzak “Photoprocesses monitored by NMR. The case of azaanthracenes.” (26.01.2023)
  • Vol.5. Javier Agustin Romero “Multivariate Curve Resolution: Principles and its application to denoising in NMR” (12.01.2023)
  • Vol.4. Paulina Bartosińska-Marzec “Highly selective cross-correlated relaxation experiments” (8.12.2022)
  • Vol.3. Artur Brzezicki “Differentiation of optical isomers of pharmaceutical substance Solifenacin Succinate by 1H NMR spectroscopy using residual dipolar couplings.” (24.11.2022)
  • Vol.2. Paulina Putko “pH – a new dimension of NMR” (10.11.2022)
  • Vol.1. Mateusz Urbańczyk “NMR and time resolution. How to improve” (27.10.2022)