New Article in Journal of the American Chemical Society

Deeper Insight into Photopolymerization: The Synergy of Time-Resolved Nonuniform Sampling and Diffusion NMR

Kristina Kristinaityte, Adam Mames, Mariusz Pietrzak, Franz F. Westermair, Wagner Silva, Ruth M. Gschwind, Tomasz Ratajczyk, and Mateusz Urbańczyk

The comprehensive real-time in situ monitoring of chemical processes is a crucial requirement for the in-depth understanding of these processes. This monitoring facilitates an efficient design of chemicals and materials with the precise properties that are desired. This work presents the simultaneous utilization and synergy of two novel time-resolved NMR methods, i.e., time-resolved diffusion NMR and time-resolved nonuniform sampling. The first method allows the average diffusion coefficient of the products to be followed, while the second method enables the particular products to be monitored. Additionally, the average mass of the system is calculated with excellent resolution using both techniques. Employing both methods at the same time and comparing their results leads to the unequivocal validation of the assignment in the second method. Importantly, such validation is possible only via the simultaneous combination of both approaches. While the presented methodology was utilized for photopolymerization, it can also be employed for any other polymerization process, complexation, or, in general, chemical reactions in which the evolution of mass in time is of importance.